Humane Hartford County Groundhog Removal Methods

Groundhogs aren't very dangerous to human beings but they can cause a huge mess by digging out burrows in your garden and destroying it in the process. The only way to avoid this from happening is to simply remove it from the area as humanely as possible.

Groundhog Removal Methods
Groundhogs basically are friendly animals. The only reason they can invade your home is because they are attracted towards it. Even then, they won't make you pull your hair out like other critters. However, leave them be and you will be bald in a few minutes. Why? Because Hartford County groundhogs dig burrows and this digging can go forever destroying the flower beds, the garden in general, your fence etc. So to avoid such circumstances, try following the said methods:

1. Traps
Traps are a best way to ensure the animal's safety as well as its removal. A live trap is the best way to handle the groundhog. Simply put some bait into the trap and watch the Connecticut groundhog getting trapped without harming a single hair on its back. Once you've captured it, then let it roam free in the wilderness far away from your home.

2. Repellents
There are also many repellents available in the market which will let the Hartford County groundhog avoid coming to your house for good. The repellents consist of naphthalene, ammonia and urine of some predatory species. These repellents have high odor and the groundhog already having heightened senses can smell it way more clearly than us humans. Hence they are extremely irritated by it and sprint off in the opposite direction when they catch a whiff.

3. Electronic Repellents
Despite the sprays or liquid repellents, there are electronic repellents available in the market which work extremely well on the groundhogs. These are extremely small and should be kept in areas like flower beds or hidden in grass. The repellents let out vibrations and shocks depending upon the type you have. This irritates the groundhogs a lot and they always leave the house containing such repellents. So try an electronic repellent if the liquid or spray ones don't work too well.

4. Fences
Although Connecticut groundhogs are known to tear the fences away for good but you can avoid it by getting fences of better steel quality. Such fences are thicker than the usual ones and do a great job in keeping the critters away as compare to the normal ones. Hence upgrade your fences to thicker ones and enjoy a peaceful life free of such dilemmas.

5. Professional help
In case if the above methods fail and you are still left with an extreme problem of Hartford County groundhog's invasion, then try contacting the professionals in the area. Consult with them regarding your problem and let them take care of it without causing harm to your property or the animal in general. Professionals also give you some good tips to ensure the animal doesn't return. Hence contact one if you can't seem to find a solution for your critter or groundhog problem.

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