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Histoplasmosis, leptospirosis, salmonella ... Have you ever heard of them? They are just three diseases spread by the wildlife that can invade your home, and our wildlife control methods, combined with a 32-point home inspection service, ensure those diseases are never a threat to you and your household. And who are we? We're a family run wildlife control company who promises to give you a level of customer service and care that you won't have seen before. We've won awards for our care and dedication to detail, and that's what makes us the number one wildlife control company in the metro area for three years on the trot. We offer free quotes, and even free advice, and our phones are answered 24/7 by a team who are not only friendly, but also fully trained. Did we mention that we use only the latest technology and state of the art equipment for the job? And that we're the most humane wildlife control company you'll find, for the most competitive prices too? We won't ever use poison, but we will repair any damage the animal will have caused, and make sure any holes and cracks are completely sealed so that they can't ever be used as an entrance by wildlife, and therefore many dangerous diseases, ever again. Why not get in touch for some free advice or a free quote today? Written quotes available on request.