How To Get Rid Of Hartford County Opossums In The Attic

There is no doubt to say that Hartford County opossums are opportunistic and notorious animals. They can make every effort to stay close to the constant food source including the composite piles and garbage bins. Opossums or possums are omnivorous creatures, and their food requirements make a human habitat most favorable place for their living. In case if your garden and yard are loaded with enough food, these creatures will prefer to build long-term nests on your premises. They can even enter your attic and create permanent dens in this cozy and comfortable space.

When they are alive, they will keep on making huge noise in your attic area, and when they die, you will not be able to tolerate the terrible smell behind. Hence, the best idea is to take some preventive steps to keep these animals away from premises.

If you want to keep Connecticut possums out of your house, the first most thing you need to do is eliminate all their food sources so that they do not find a reason to visit. Their target sources of food are garbage bins and human leftovers. Prefer to close your trash cans so that aroma cannot attract possums to it. Take away the pet food and all leftovers from garden and lawn area. Seal all the entry points at your home so that animals cannot enter inside.

In case if they have already entered inside, it is time to use some repellents to scare them away. One of the most common solutions is fox urine, and it is easily available in the market. However, the intelligent possums cannot be fooled with fox urine so long because when they do not observe any physical movement of the predator in this space, they understand that the smell is false. Some people also prefer to use electric current repellents that are effective enough against possums. Note that the electric repellents suit the areas where possums can have only one entry or exit point.

Another solution to get rid of Hartford County possums is using traps. There are generally two types of traps that are easily available in the market; one is a lethal trap, and other is a non-lethal trap. The lethal ones are an impractical solution for homeowners; however, the live traps are the best choice to capture the animal with ease. Experts recommend using live traps for few days in the path of possums. Do not add bait to them and do not set them, just let the possum feel it a natural thing on his way and soon he will become friendly with its normal position. Later you can set the trap with bait in it. The possum will fearlessly move to eat the bait and will get trapped inside. You can now relocate the animal along with its offspring if any. Make sure that the possums are relocated to a place where they can get enough sources for survival and do not find a way to return to human habitats.

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