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Do Hartford County Skunks Attack Pets?

Do you find Connecticut skunks often visiting your garden and lawns? If yes, probably you are afraid if they can also attack your pets. Skunks are terrible creatures; they can mess with anyone that comes their way. Many households worry if skunks can injure their tiny pets as well. There is no doubt to say that skunks are always curious to attack poultry and small farm animals. So your fear of the pets is also genuine. However, whether they will really attack or not, it completely depends upon the particular situation.

Skunks often prefer to visit human habitats in search of food and during this search if they come across small pets, the chances of attack get increased. Many homeowners that are living in skunk prone area are already aware of keeping their pets safe. When skunks find their way to human habitats, they first look for the food. It can be poultry or smaller farm animals; during their search for food, they can also encounter your pet. But the chances of attack vary depending upon the type of pet you have at home.

In case if you have cats and dogs in the home; Hartford County skunks will rarely attack them because they are usually equally strong to combat attacks. Even dogs are bigger in size as compared to skunks, so these creatures will rarely take a chance to mess. Also, dogs are not included in the list of skunk diet. However, in case if you have puppies and kittens at home, they can be attacked by a skunk. Hence, if you allow your puppies and kittens to roam in garden and lawn area, it is good to take more preventive steps to keep them safe from skunk attack. On the other side, if we talk about cats, skunks are observed to be capable enough to hurt and even kill them when they become aggressive. Although skunks do not feed on cats, kittens are attacked many times by skunks in the USA.

Although Connecticut skunks do not mess directly with pets such as big dogs and cats in case if they indulge in the fight, the skunks can cause serious harm to your pet. Note that skunks are highly skilled in using defensive measures and they usually become aggressive when threatened. The most critical thing to know about skunks is that their odorous spray can be quite harmful to pets in your house as it can disable sensitive cat and dog species with ease. Many cases have been reported where skunk spray cause infections and serious damage to pet eyes.

Also, Hartford County skunks are carriers of various harmful diseases such as rabies, etc. so if they mess with your pets, there are chances of transfer of disease virus. Also, there are chances that lice and ticks can also transfer from skunks to various domestic pets. In case if you observe skunks roaming in your premises, it is good to call skunk exterminators to ensure fast removal. It is important to take immediate steps for skunk removal. Otherwise they can cause harm to your pet and house as well.

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