Do Hartford County Snakes Blink?

The time when you see a Hartford County snake, you may feel it menacing as it does not blink even for a while, but the interesting fact is that snake can even sleep with open eyes, so you cannot predict when it is actually sleeping and when it is awake. Unlike humans, their eyes do not have eyelid so there is nothing to blink and they appear same all the time. The eyelids in snakes are replaced with a clear membrane that covers their corneas, and it is often known as spectacles or bridles. This cover is attached to their skin.

Snakes can close their retinas when they sleep, but no one can predict their action. Note that few Connecticut snakes in this world have pupils in round shape that appear same as humans whereas many others have vertical slit pupils. As most of the time snakes keep on visiting here and there on the ground and during this time they meet grit, vegetation, and dust. The spectacles help to protect their sensitive corneas during their movements so that they do not face any scratch or damage. This thin membrane does not lie directly on the corneas rather it is separated by a fluid that appears like tears and helps to moisten their eyes. Some scientists are trying to learn more details about snake eyes so that finest quality of contact lenses can be developed.

The eye fluid of Hartford County snakes is produced from tear glands that lie behind their lenses. A pair of nasolacrimal ducts helps to drain the fluid so that it does not come out. That is why snakes never cry. Now as their eye scales are also a part of their skin, so they naturally shed them as well during shedding process. The growing or younger snakes generally shed at least 4 times in a year whereas the mature snakes shed only two or one times per year. The single scales of snake eyes help to protect their eyes from any injury as well as from drying out. That is why these reptiles are not able to close or blink their eyes and even they have to sleep with open eyes.

Even experts are not able to identify when a Connecticut snake is sleeping and when it is awake. Sometimes people assume that if when the snake is completely still, there are chances that it is sleeping but in actual it may be just relaxing. You cannot assume that you are safe when the snake is not in motion; because these creatures are often active and can attack any time as they feel unsafe with you. There are many lizards that have the same type of eyes like snakes, and you cannot identify when they are sleeping.

In case if you meet a Hartford County snake, the best idea is to maintain a distance from it and change your path as soon as possible. Whether it is a venomous snake or non-venomous snake, there is no point to mess with it because in both cases it has the ability to harm you by several strategies.

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